Tsvangirai under pressure to pull out of deal

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Pressure has again mounted on Morgan Tsvangirai to pull out of Zimbabwe’s power-sharing deal unless the Southern African Development Community manages to persuade Robert Mugabe to soften his stance on the allocation of ministries.

MDC leader and prime minister-designate Tsvangirai and Mugabe have, on three different occasions, failed to come to an agreement – with
Mugabe said to be demanding all 15 top ministries.

Now senior MDC officials are considering pulling out of the power-sharing deal.

Mugabe’s chief spokesperson, George Charamba, says disagreements were left on only two ministries – home affairs and finance. But MDC spokesperson Nelson Chamisa insisted that the principals had not yet agreed on all the ministries.

“That’s being dishonest on the part of Charamba to claim that the dispute remains on two ministries. Nothing has been agreed on and we are disappointed because people are dying of hunger.

“As far as we are concerned, internal consultations are continuing,
but there are disagreements all over. If consultations locally fail, we will
have no option but go to the SADC, which is a guarantor of the power-sharing deal” he said.

Mugabe is said to be under pressure from Zanu-PF hardliners not to
give any top ministries – especially home affairs – to the MDC, as this
would allow the MDC to have Zanu-PF members arrested.

Last Tuesday , police commissioner Augustine Chihuri told Mugabe at State House that he would resign if the home affairs ministry goes to MDC.

With Mugabe not moving an inch, sources said, the MDC is likely to
call for an emergency party meeting this week, where they will deliberate
whether to stay in the deal.

A highly placed source said consultations were already proceeding over
a national council meeting. “There is growing pressure from within the party that we must pull out and let Mugabe continue running the country until elections are held.

But these elections have to be run by an organisation like the African
Union or SADC, and monitored by international observers.

“People are saying this is no longer power-sharing when Mugabe is
demanding everything. But the party will give SADC a chance and, if they
fail, pulling out will be the only option left,” said the official.

On Monday it emerged that ZANU PF party resolved three weeks ago
not to share the 10 posts of provincial governor with the two opposition MDC

Shortly after signing of power-sharing pact, Zanu PF at its 74th ordinary session of the central committee on September 17 resolved that the 10 provincial governors appointed by Mugabe on August 29 should remain in office.

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