Cinéma-vérité highlights Egyptian film “Hassan and Morcos”

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The film, “Hassan and Morcos” by the Egyptian actor Abdel Imam, sponsored by the Office of the High Commission of the United Nations for Refugees (HCR) was shown in Paris, Sunday, under the framework of the 2nd international meeting of the “Cinéma-vérité” festival.

Imam was appointed Ambassador of Goodwill of the HCR in 2000 to raise public opinion awareness with regards to the problem of the refugees in the Arabic-speaking countries.

“Thanks to his engagement, several other stars, personalities of the business world as well as the media, were mobilised in favour of the cause of the refugees, ” said a statement by the U.N. agency.

“Hassan and Morcos” is a re-make of a comic film of the 1940s called “Hassan, Morcos and Cohen”.

In this short film, a comedy which calls for tolerance between the communities, the actor Omar Sharif plays a Moslem and Adel Imam a Copte.

The “Cinéma-Vérité” festival is a public and media platform of social and humane engagement joining together each year of the scenario writers, the engaged artists, the policies and the leaders of opinion around roundtables organised according to subject illustrated by a film selection open to many people.

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