Unknown military group planning to destabilize Botswana

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A band of anonymous soldiers within the Botswana Defence Force (BDF) has threatened to destabilize that country within weeks.

In fact that would before the end of October.

Reports from a rather peaceful Southern African country today says the group also claims responsibility for the veld fires that have swept across that country since August.

The claims where circulated in a paper to the media. But the group did not reveal its operative name.

The fires have ravaged the country’s tourist destinations such as the Central Kgalagadi Game Reserve (CKGR), Tsodilo Hills, National Parks and grazing land.

The group had earlier threatened to derail Botswana Railways trains to cripple its operations during Independence holidays, but their threats never materialised.

However, the Botswana army downplayed the threats. Deputy commander of BDF and Commander of the BDF Air Arm Major General Gobuamang Thokwane said the threats are empty, but BDF would continue with investigations to determine if perpetrators are from its ranks.

“It is difficult to deal with faceless people, very difficult, because as you know they send you these papers without mentioning their names. They also make veiled threats and even give themselves organisation and capabilities they don’t have,” he is quoted as saying.

Those found responsible for the paper will face the music, he warned.

The anonymous group members demand a salary hike. He stated that the demand comes at a time when government is doing something about the salary structure, and allowances of the military personnel.

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