Kenya exposed: Child labour revelation

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As a participant to the international conventions against the Child Labour, Kenya’s alarming employment under aged children has been exposed to the international labour organisation.

It was revealed that more than 2 million child labourers are victims in Kenya.

Information released early this year showed that 535,197 boys and 476,987 girls are involved in child labour, with a combined 773,696 involved in the most horrible forms of child labour. This figure has recently hit 2 million, reports claim.

Child labour had mostly been attributed to poverty as studies by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics had shown that half of the victims are in households with an income of less than Sh6, 000 a month. An adviser to the International Labour Organisation – International Project for the Elimination of Child Labour, said the fight against the tradition should be directed at child trafficking, child sex tourism and domestic labour.

Domestic labour especially is an unattended problem all over African homes. The use of Child labour as ‘house boys or ‘house girls’ is a tradition that needs to be addressed by the human rights organisation or similar organisations. Reports claim that this domestic labourers who are often under ten, go through bastardization and all forms of inhuman treatments in return of shelter, food and sometimes primary education.

The revelation was made in a forum that was held in Nairobi to assess the impact of a project to rescue children involved in labour, which started in 2005.

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