Children of Namibian war veterans issued an ultimatum

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The Namibian government has issued an ultimatum to ‘children of the liberation struggle’ demonstrating outside the Ministry of Veterans’ Affairs to pack up and leave before 14h00 today.

Reports today say the notice to vacate the Trans-Namib premises was issued Friday by the Deputy Minister of Youth, Pohamba Shifeta. But the group vowed not to move an inch.

Said the group spokesperson Shinedima , “We won’t separate, we are together. They can take us to prison”

It is said that the notice given to the protesters reminded them that a registration process would start in all 13 regions on October 27, so that Government could address their demands for identity documents, training and jobs.

The demonstrators have said they intend to continue their protest until they are given jobs.

Deputy Minister Shifeta is quoted as saying the Government had appealed to the protesters many times to return home and wait for the registration process.
He said the property on which they were camping belonged to TransNamib, and after 14h00 today it would be up to the owners what action to take.

“They are violating the business rights of Trans-Namib with this demonstration,” he said. “We don’t want the situation to turn ugly.”

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