Veteran threats : Tsvangirai assassination plots revisited

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ZIMBABWE’S militant war veterans, through it maverick leader Jabulani Sibanda have threatened to take drastic action against Morgan Tsvangirai.

They claim that Tsvnagirai is single solely responsibly for the current cabinet formation deadlock.

Said Sibanda “He is leaving the people of Zimbabwe with one option: to take action. If he behaves the way he is behaving, this nation will take action to defend itself from him.” He did not say what action they would take.

Soon after the March 29 elections Tsvangirai spent weeks in exile after countless plots to assassinate him were unearthed.

The MDC has again hinted that Tsvangirai could boycott power-sharing talks next week and that fresh elections may be needed to break the political impasse.

Tsvangirai and Mugabe have clashed over the allocation of powerful ministries, threatening a Sept. 15 deal which Zimbabweans hoped would help the once prosperous country recover from a devastating economic meltdown.

Tsvangirai’s frustration with weeks of fruitless talks boiled over on Monday when he refused to attend an emergency Southern African Development Community summit in Swaziland meant to break the deadlock, citing passport issues.

Zanu-PF accused MDC-T of “waffling” and trying to hide behind the issue of a passport in a bid to derail the inter-party talks.

The summit has been moved to Oct. 27 in Harare.

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