Government Minister escapes assassination attempt

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Senegal’s Minister of Economy and Finance, Abdoulaye Diop, has escaped a murder attempt “by top government officials”, the privately – owned newspaper, le Quotidien, reported Saturday.

According to the paper, which quoted “very close associates of the minister” Diop knows four of the people who were behind the attempt to murder him.

The minister who says he now “sleeps with a weapon within reach”, is said to have been informed of the attempt to murder him by one of his relations in the world of art 10 days earlier.

“One of the sources Le Quotidien questioned, and which confirmed the information, gave the assurance that the people behind the plot were at the stage of recruiting the thugs when one of them preferred to backtrack as a result of the personal relations he had with the designated victim,” the paper wrote.

“Not only did he back down, but he also directly told Abdoulaye Diop the whole story, as well as the names of the protagonists,” Le Quotidien said.

“After having for a long time enjoyed the advantages of their position in the state apparatus, these four men did not like the fact that they are victims of the new austerity policy put in place by the authorities, under strong pressure from international financial institutions,” Le Quotidien wrote.

“However, other reasons, much more personal this time round, were behind the decision of these individuals who thought that once Abdoulaye Diop is gone, their problems would be resolved. Some of them have the reputation of being capable without difficulty of mobilising the right men for these kinds of dirty jobs. But this time, it is a key element to the system who backed down,” Le Quotidien said.

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