DRC groups plead for redemption as bodies litter streets

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‘We don’t know which saint to pray to. We are condemned to death by all this violence and displacement. We have been abandoned,’ a statement from about 44 Congolese community groups to the international community read.

The Congolese people say they have had horrendous experiences they never believed they could have ever gone through in their lives.

Their letter to world leaders details how civilians have been summarily executed and corpses litter the streets. They have asked for the UN to consider the prposal France made to increase the troops in the country in order to quickly halt the atrocities in the area.

However there have been positive signs in recent days as the rebel forces in the country have begun to withdraw from some of their positions in east as promised.

UN and rebel sources have reportedly confirmed the withdrawal.

The withdrawal is taking place ahead of talks due between rebels loyal to Laurent Nkunda, the Congolese army and UN envoys.

At present, there are about 17,000 UN soldiers and police in DR Congo – the biggest UN force of its kind. Next week, the UN is to consider a French resolution to increase the number of UN troops in the country by another 3,000.

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