DRC Rebel leader Nkunda attacks villages

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Despite accepting a cease fire declaration last week General Laurent Nkunda has attacked Hutu villages and Rwanda Hutu fighters, some of whom are accused of taking part in the 1994 Rwandan genocide, reports claim.

The Rebel leader has said that the ceasefire call did not apply to operations against foreign militia, referring to the Rwandan Hutus. The latest attacks by Nkunda led forces have caused some 13,000 people to flee into Uganda as their relatives have been killed in the attacks.

Reports claim that a stream of new arrivals continues as more and more people are arriving and are needed to be transported away from the border to a safer place.

The UN is however currently investigating reports that a mass grave containing 2,000 skeletons has been discovered in Bukavu, south of Goma, according to the AFP news agency.

Earlier this month, the EU was urged to send forces to stop the DR Congo fighting.

Sixteen former top officials and world leaders sent a letter to EU heads of state, saying they were best placed to intervene because it would take too long for the UN to send reinforcements.

Forces around Goma include:

CNDP : Gen Nkunda’s Tutsi rebels – 6,000 fighters

FDLR : Rwandan Hutus – 6-7,000

Mai Mai : pro-government militia – 3,500

Monuc : UN peacekeepers – 6,000 in North Kivu, including about 1,000 in Goma (17,000 nationwide)

DRC army : 90,000 (nationwide)

Source: UN, military experts

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