North African countries discuss Arab Maghreb Union

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Liberal politicians from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Mauritania showed a special interest in the Arab Maghreb Union process during their meeting in Marrakech between November 22 and 23.

The two day meeting which aimed at accelerating the union of Maghreb countries was devoted to discuss recurrent blockages.

A representation of about 20 political parties from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Mauritania focused on the current political situation which has slowed down the completion of the project union.

The idea of an Arab Maghreb Union which was first proposed at a 1958 summit in Tangiers is still encountering political impediments including the difficult task of agreeing to combining assets in order to unify the various ranks.

The closing of land borders between Morocco and Algeria is one of such problems.

But these differences that have prevented the countries of the Maghreb from uniting should be easy to resolve with the necessary “political willpower”.

Politicians who were present at the meeting also touched on the issue of Western Sahara while indicating that it was also one of the main problems facing the process.

The “lack of democracy and freedom” was widely accepted as the biggest deterrent to the Arab Maghreb Union project.

Another dilemma to the project is the failure of communication between members of the union.

According to participants, the benefits of this union will enhance the economic situation in the region.

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