EU deploys troops to Eastern Chad not DR Congo

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The fighting in Sudan’s Darfur region has spilled over to the republic of Chad but the European Union has already deployed troops to manage the pending catastrophe, reports claim.

The European mission, known as Eufor, is tasked with providing a secure environment to protect the people there and to allow the delivery of humanitarian aid.

According to reports, the EU who is under pressure to send troops to the Democratic Republic of Congo, will rather send their troops to keep a lid on Eastern Chad, where internally displaced Chadians and refugees from the neighboring Darfur have camped.

Hundreds of thousands of people live in camps across the east of Chad; people that desperately need protection, as well as aid,

A UN report has indicated that there have been more than 120 serious incidents against non-governmental organizations this year, such as carjackings, robberies and four killings.

There are also constant rumors of rebel advances into the camps to recruit people, including children, while the atmosphere inside the camps are frequently marked by thefts, fights and attacks.

Although the threats have not disappeared, the locals say they have felt safer since Eufor arrived. Eufor troops were deployed in March this year under UN Security Council Resolution of 1778.

The Multinational Battalion South (MBS) is one of the four brigades which make up Eufor’s peacekeeping force; a contingent of Dutch marines and 387 Irish soldiers make up the MBS.

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