Rumours surrounding the death of Guinean President

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Wednesday morning, head of the Le Lynx – La Lance newspaper, Souleymane diallo, was summoned by the office of the Guinean president for publishing a picture of the west African country’s head of state, on his paper’s front page.

The photograph which appeared in the Guinean weekly newspaper depicted an ailing President Conté who had lost a great deal of weight.

The photograph which rekindled rumours of the death of the President Lasana Conté, prompting the administration to summon and question the head of the media group.

It is believed that the content of the picture’s related story had little or no consequence during the meeting between between Souleyman Diallo and the government officials who questioned him.

Their only worry was the “degrading” image of the President.

According to reports, Souleymane Diallo has since been released, although Wednesday’s edition of the paper, which had already been distributed, were cleared off the shelves of newspaper stands across the country.

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