MEND warned of waterloo if they dare carry out threats

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There have been tight security and military presence in the federal capital city of Nigeria, Abuja, follwing threats of an imminent attack issued by the Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta (MEND).

The threat, according to MEND, targets a line-up of high profile political office holders, important landmarks and government property.

The enraged millitia group who claim to be fighhting for the rights of the people of the Niger Delta of Nigeria, have decided to disrupt the end of year celebrations.

They have vowed that the festive period, ending on New Year’s day, would be one of confusion in Abuja since the government has downplayed the demands of their people as shown by the 2009 Budget alloction to the region.

The Federal Government allocated a disappointing N47 billion to the ministry of the Niger Delta in the 2009 Budget and this has raised questions about how serious the government hopes to tackle youth restivenes, or to carry out any major infrastructural and human capital development in the region in 2009 contrary to the expectations of the people.

According to reports, the threat by MEND has already trigged a nationwide security alert, with the Police in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and other states of the federation mounting 24 hours surveillance in all parts of the country on the directive of the Inspector General of Police, Mike Okiro.

The Commissioner of Police (CP) FCT, Mr. Haruna John, has however challenged the rebel militia to dare the FCT Police Command, noting that he was not only on top of the situation, but, if they carry out the threat, they will meet their waterloo.

This is the second time the MEND militia have triggered off security alert as a result of their activities.

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