Mugabe planning to charge Tsvangirai with treason

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Morgan Tsvangirai, who returned to Zimbabwe Saturday could end up in jail again as his aging rival Robert Mugabe’s government has put in place an elaborate plan to arrest him.

This would be after Tsvangirai refuses to join the envisaged inclusive government, security officials told me Sunday.

On Sunday Mugabe hinted that talks about a government of national unity would end Today Monday if the opposition failed to accept terms. He said the governing Zanu-PF party was not prepared to make any more

Sources say that Tsvangirai could be charged with treason if he continues to hold out for a more equitable deal. She said that Tsvangirai could be be nabbed soon after the meeting and taken to a torture camp in Bindura.

“His cell is already prepared and the guys cant wait to hear him scream and cry more than a baby as he is fond of when beaten up”. she said.

Today, the MDC leader will meet Mugabe in a last-ditch effort to save the
floundering power-sharing deal, signed between the ruling Zanu-PF and the
MDC in September last year.

The main stumbling blocks are the allocation of key ministries and continued detention by the Mugabe regime of opposition

South Africa’s leader Kgalema Motlanthe and his predecessor, Thabo Mbeki, the Southern African Development Community mediator, are expected to attend the meeting, along with Mozambique’s president, Armando Guebuza.

Linked to accusations

“If Tsvangirai continues to play hardball he will be linked to ongoing
trials of people accused of plotting to overthrow Mugabe,” said the source.

Tsvangirai is expected to press for the release of all his party members. He has also cited recent abductions and jailings of MDC members as reasons to be wary of any power-sharing deal with the Zanu-PF.

He blames the abductions on supporters of Mugabe and said at least 11 members of his party are still missing while 32 are in police custody facing charges of toppling.

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