Niger Delta oil spill inaction, Agip Oil gets blame

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A massive oil spill, said to be more than 20,000 barrels, from pipelines belonging to the Agip Oil company has severely affected the environment and people of Kiminikiri Igabukiri, Sabatoru, Etiema, Kiripoguiwokiri, Agbakabiriyai and Igeta Ewoama all Nembe communities in the Niger Delta.

The spillage which is reported to have begun on the 31st of December, last year, has been neglected by Agip Oil Company to the anger of the community people who, notwithstanding their continued protests, have been left wanting following the degradation of main sources of income as well as their environment.

The Agip Oil Company has been insisted on to perform a cleanup and restore the community and revamp the Mingi Toru waterways, rivulets creeks and communities in Nembe especially.

This compellation came after King Edmund Daukoru of Nembe, created an oil and gas committee to look into possible areas of conflict between the oil major and the host communities.

The head of the committee Chief Atonkere expressed disappointment over the failure of the company to carry out a proper clean up. He called on state government and other relevant agencies to get actively involved in the matter and provide relief materials to the affected communities as well as inviting traditional council leaders for discussions before the situation gets out of hand.

King Edmund Daukoru of Nembe demands due compensation.

According to reports, the extent of ecological degradation and damage to lives and livelihood of the people as a result of the pollution can hardly be described than imagined.

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