24 professional Nigerian footballers Killed in 2 months

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It has been a sad weekend for Nigerian football said the Nigeria Football Federation head, Mohamed Sanusi. The sadness is as a result of Nigerian Players dying in road accidents due to bad road networks in the country.

Only last month, nine female football players were killed in a road accident on their way to a league game. And this time 15 professional players suffered the same fate.

This weekend, a bus carrying players of FC Jimeta from north-east Adamawa state, had been heading to the capital city of Abuja for a professional league match when it experienced a road accident. 15 members of the football team were killed.

According to reports, 11 players had died at the scene while four others died in hospital. Two other injured players were said to be on critical condition.

This brings to 24 the number of professional football players killed in road accidents in Nigeria in the past two months.

Nigeria has one of the most dangerous road networks in the world. Most of its high ways are pot-hole stricken, unpaved and a good percentage of it are not tarred. Such appalling conditions of its roads has caused many road accidents and claimed thousands of lives on a yearly basis.

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