Zimbabwe: Police seek two armed women rapists

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Two armed women in Zimbabwe kidnapped a man and held him for four days during which he was made to watch pornographic films, fed porridge laced with aphrodisiac drugs and forced to have sex with one of the women.

This happened in the Midlands province.

Now police are now hunting the two women, said to drive a South African-registered Jeep, who kidnapped the hitchhiker in Shurugwi town.

Midlands police spokesman Assistant Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko today said the 33-year-old man had also been robbed of a mobile phone and US$225 cash.

Mahoko said the man had told police he flagged down the Jeep which had two female occupants. He wanted a lift to the Midlands town of Gweru.

“When they got to Shurugwi’s Boterekwa area, the two turned into a gravel road after telling their male passenger that they wanted to see a relative who lived in a nearby village,” said Asst Insp Mahoko.

“After travelling for a few kilometres along the gravel road, the driver stopped. One of the two women is said to have told the man that he had to comply with their orders or risk losing his life.

“The woman who was driving gave her colleague a pistol. The two then stuffed the man’s mouth with cotton wool and tied his mouth with a bandage. They then ordered their victim to lie on the floor of the car and drove off.

“After a drive of about 12km, the car stopped again. The two women tied the complainant to the car and disappeared. While the women were away, the man managed to phone his brother whom he told about the kidnapping. He could, however, not tell him where he was.

“The two women returned after 45 minutes and blindfolded their victim before driving off again to a certain house.

“The women then removed all his clothes. They also took away his money, US$225 in total, and a cell phone. They then instructed the man to lie on the bed. He was given porridge that he suspects to have been laced with some concoctions that stimulate the male organ.

“He was also shown pornographic videos before being forced to have sexual intercourse with one of the two women for four days.”

The man’s ordeal ended when he was driven from the house and dumped on the side of a dirt road between Gweru and Kwekwe, Mahoko said.

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