Zimbabwe: MDC minister escapes car accident

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Zimbabwe’s co-Home Affairs Minister Giles Mutsekwa survived a car
crash outside Harare this afternoon.

He was on his way to Harare from Macheke, police have reported.

It is understood that the driver of the other vehicle is now in Police custody facing unspecified charges.

There are fears that this was an attempt on his life after his car was smashed from behind by a Nissan Hard body pick up truck.

Minister Mutsekwa is from Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai party MDC-T .

He shares the Ministry of Home Affairs with Kembo Mohadi from President Mugabe’s ZANU PF.

He is the fourth MDC senior official to be involved in a car accident in the last three months.

MDC President Tsvangirai lost his wife a few weeks ago in an accident which left him injured.

MDC Vice president Khupe’s mother died recently from injuries sustained in a car accident.

MDC Ministers Gorden Moyo and Sipepa Nkomo last month were invloved in
another car accident on their way to the airport.

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