Zuma predicts 70% ANC win in South African elections

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In coming South Africa president Jacob Zuma last night told hundreds of African National Congress supporters that the party is like a lion that can not be touched at free will.

Said Zuma, “For those who do not know the ANC … you touch the ANC, you touch a lion. The sangomas said the ANC will achieve a 50% victory in Limpopo. The ANC will never go below 60% … I smell 70%,” Zuma told the crowd.

Television footage beamed on SABC International women with babies strapped to their backs, young people in ANC T-shirts and bikers on Harley Davidsons blew horns, cheered and whistled as Zuma addressed them outside Luthuli House in downtown Johannesburg.

He also took a swipe at opposition parties, saying they had dug their own graves by “trying to belittle the ANC”.

“Opposition parties campaigned by trying to belittle this organisation of the people while we were busy campaigning our own way. We were innovative, fresh … different. We had policies to put across,” Zuma said.

Zuma expressed his gratitude to the thousands of volunteers who had “worked tirelessly to encourage people to vote for the ANC”, as well as the party’s alliance partners.

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