Morocco: A reform campaign ahead of local elections

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An information campaign has been launched in Morocco to tackle problems associated with the functioning of communal management ahead of reform projects that will see the role of local communities across Morocco strengthened as the government seeks to balance local development in the Northern African country.

Ahead of the Moroccan elections, earmarked for June 12, the country’s interior ministry has launched an information campaign to educate the public and various stakeholders, including elected officials and political parties, on the real role of the common challenges and problems that hinder local management.

The campaign is expected to last until the end of May.

In recent years, weak human resources and a lack of financial resources as well as pitfalls in the use of new technologies within local governments have been enumerated as having adversely impacted the work of local officials.

According to the ministry, the main objective of this campaign is to strengthen the role of elected officials while limiting the stretch of state supervision in individual communes to enable them implement custom-tailored development plans in accordance with their needs.

The training of administrators in the use of modern equipment will encourage a common performance among communities across the country to help manage set national development projects. It is also expected to attract partnerships needed for local planning, as it will strengthen information and communication tools.

The campaign will be introduced as a reform project spanning up to 2015 aims.

Observers have indicated that the Moroccan government “has shown a lot of determination to tackle problems, that hinder and impede the development of remote locations, from the source”. According to a local analyst, “this campaign could foster that much needed harmony which is so much needed in Morocco to effect a socio-political change (…) It is a breakthrough”.

Meanwhile, Moroccan women who are less active in exercising their civic rights, have been urged to register for the pending local elections.

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