Zimbabwe: Gono grabbing employee property and lying?

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The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) and its employees are on a collision course after the central bank took cars from the workers and gave them to legislators.

RBZ boss Gideon Gono dished out 50 cars legislators cars for temporary use until Treasury finds money to purchase vehicles under the Parliamentary Loan Scheme.

The cars came from the pool section of the bank while the remainder were taken from various departments. According to sources, the cars would be returned when the Ministry of Finance has enough resources to buy the cars for the MPs.

RBZ spokesperson, Kumbirai Nhongo was not immediately available for
comment. Gono could also not be reached for comment.

Last week the Transport Division of the bank was instructed to get 150
cars from RBZ employees including senior managers in a move employees
said flouts contractual obligations.

Managers reporting to work by foot

Managers are entitled to cars and some senior managers where reported
for work last without the cars fearing that they would be taken from
them, according to people familiar with developments at RBZ.

Others said they would resist the move to dispossess them of the cars. “We will not return those cars. How can I return the car when the bank hasn’t paid me?” asked a senior manager. “The transport division did not get a single car as managers refused to surrender their vehicles.”

Employees, some of them facing retrenchment following the realignment
of the central bank to focus on its core business, were livid and have
vowed not to surrender the cars.

Forced grabbings and lies

RBZ is due to retrench employees to focus on its core business of prices and financial sector stability. One employee is said to have fainted after he was told to surrender the car. The employees have vowed to cling to the cars arguing that they would form part of their retrenchment packages.

When Gono offered the cars to MPs, he said the vehicles were lying idle at RBZ but employees disputed the claims. An executive member in the MPs welfare committee said the legislators had been promised 150 cars by the central bank.

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