Rebels join forces to war Nigerian army

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The different rebel factions of the Niger Delta have joint forces into what is now known as the Joint Revolutionary Council (JRC), following the deadly attacks by the Nigerian government troops that left many Niger Delta civilians dead. The JRC is now demanding for the resignation of the Nigerian President, Mr. Umaru Yar’ Adua and the vice president Mr. Jonathan Goodluck as reparation for their afflictions.

A vicious cycle has now been created in the country as rebels of the Niger Delta and government forces vow to undo each other. The Nigerian military said enough was enough and resulted to ultimate military force against the rebels, and they have pledged to continue with this sort of force until the rebels surrender. But after a land, air and sea rampage on communities suspected to accommodate the rebels, the JFC under the leadership of Cynthia White has now vouched to give the Nigerian military fire for fire. Observers have said and end to this oil war is not in sight.

“Let us also warn that any soldier of the Nigerian State who breaches the rules of engagement in this campaign will be summarily executed. Any attack on unarmed and innocent village-folk will be revenged. Any attack on community people will result in an equal attack on families of soldiers in any barracks we choose to attack. It will be an eye for an eye henceforth,” White proclaimed.

President and Vice to resign

The JRC is made up of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND), the Martyrs Brigade, and the Reformed Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force. According to a statement from the group, the President and Vice president must vacate their office. and the Army must be prepared to pay for their desecration of the Ijawland.

Cynthia White has been quoted as saying: “The people of the Niger Delta have been losing a lot since oil was discovered in their land. The Nigerian state is very ill. All is not well.The solution is to remove President Musa Yar’Adua because he is not capable of ruling the Nigerian state.”

As for the vice president, White said: “The people of the Niger Delta existed before Goodluck Jonathan existed. We never saw Jonathan as a messiah of even his own home talk less of the Niger Delta. He was handpicked by former Nigerian President Mr. Olusegun Obasanjo to deputise Yar’Adua. He was not voted by the people. It is for the good of the people of the Niger Delta that Jonathan resigns. We can do more without him.”

Stalled motion

The JFC hold the notion that the careless military operation utilized by the government troops, in the name of rebel hunt, was a demonstration of the repressive governance that existed in Nigeria, as the lives of the civilian masses in the Niger Delta communities were not considered to be important. On Wednesday, the Federal Government described the loss of lives in the conflict as sad and promised that the military in its activities will try and minimize the loss of lives.

On Thursday, May 21, a motion was passed in the House of Representative to halt the military offensive launched against militants in the Niger Delta and tackle the humanitarian crisis, but the motion was stalled because of the alleged implications it might have on national security.

Cynthia White went on to claim that army Generals from Northern Nigeria, past and serving, own large sea going vessels and have enjoyed long term contracts with many oil majors. They operate strategic business alliances with cheap Filipino and Russian companies and now claim the creeks of the Niger Delta as part of their estate.

According to White, the extortionist enterprise founded by these thieving Generals remains the cause of the upheaval in the Niger Delta. “Let us remind all men of goodwill that the attacks represent the height of an attempt by a Northern cabal to fully sink their teeth in oil production operations in the Niger Delta. This cabal, comprising largely of serving and retired Army Generals, will no longer be given free passage through the creeks of the Niger Delta anymore,” White added.

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