Olympique de Marseille pays homage to sacked president Pape Diouf

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The owner of the Olympique de Marseille football club Wednesday fired Pape Diouf after a meeting in Zurich, Switzerland. A majority of the Marseille football club’s fans regret this decision, arguing that the former president was able to salvage the Marseille football club’s bad financial and economic position, which preceded his appointment.

It’s all over between Pape Diouf and Olympique de Marseille. “After five years at the head of the club, Pape Diouf is to leave Olympique de Marseille”, read a statement from the owner of the football club, Robert Louis-Dreyfus (RLD). The news came Wednesday after a meeting with officials, including Pape Diouf, in Zurich (Switzerland).


“Our apparent differences prevent us from continuing the adventure together,” said RLD, the main shareholder of Olympique de Marseille (OM), in reference to a disagreement between Pape Diouf and Vincent Labrune, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the club and a strong RLD ally.

The departure of Pape Diouf could trigger a crisis within OM. Jose Anigo, manager of the club, announced his intention to leave the club should the former agent and journalist be sacked.

Angry supporters

Many of the club’s supporters have spoken against the decision to sack Pape Diouf in a joint communiqué. “Those against him (Pape Diouf) are against OM, against its supporters, against Marseille, against our dreams… they are not welcome to Marseille” they said.

Following the announcement of Pape Diouf’s dismissal, the general mood is that of disappointment and shock. “We are disgusted and disillusioned. We had an established team that helped the club progress at all levels. Moreover, he had a very good relationship with the club’s supporters,” said Christian Cataldo, president of Dodgers on RMC, Wednesday evening.

New chairman appointed in a few days

RLD is aware of the fact that Pape Diouf had a good relationship with OM fans, although the team did not win any titles. “I want to congratulate him for the work he did within the club. He was a great President who worked for the good of Olympique de Marseille. In the area of sports, he hoisted the club to the highest French level finishing second in the championship, as he fought for the title until the very end. He has, moreover, blessed the club with a sound management.”

Some supporters fear that the club will have to start right from scratch… and with whom? “New challenges are ahead,” concluded RLD. “A new president will be appointed in the coming days.”

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