Zimbabwe: Biti death threats connected with Defence minister’s bitterness over proposed mining laws?

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Zimbabwe Finance minister Tendai Biti on Monday morning received a live bullet and a written note enclosed in an envelope addressed to him at his Harare home.

The note that accompanied the 9mm bullet advised Biti to “prepare your will”. The bullet and the note enclosed in an envelope was dropped at his house and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai was informed of the incident.

Biti’s aid Nqobizitha Mlilo said ‘He’s a bit low and shaken up as a result of this episode,’

Biti made a report to the police as he viewed this threat seriously but the Central Intelligence Organisation, which is charged with protecting cabinet ministers has taken charge of the investigations.

The bullet, note and envelope have since been sent for forensics in the capital.

Meanwhile, sources close to the investigation today said Defence Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa is bitter over Biti’s declaration that he would seek to overhaul the country’s mineral laws.

Mnangagwa and his business partner Billy Rautenbach have embarked on a
grand plan to take over all of the country’s 600 mines in dodgy deals involving some International Western companies bursting sanctions prescribed by their governments.

“Biti’s statement irked Mnangagwa’s as a result of his ruthless traits hence the latest full scale war (with) him (Biti),” said the source.

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