Guinea: Party leader and former minister arrested

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Aboubacar Sylla, a former Guinean information minister, was arrested Tuesday morning by men clad in military uniform. The ex minister was picked up in traffic as he left his home in Kaporo in the Ratoma commune. He was released six hours later. Mr. Sylla condemned the military junta at the official launching of his political party, Union des forces du changement (UFC) on July 27 in Conakry

The Union des forces du changement (UFC) is the name of Aboubacar Sylla’s new party. He is also owner of the media group known as the Independent Democrats. Sylla was arrested Tuesday August 4 around 11 o’clock in the morning. Confirming the facts in a telephone interview, Aboubacar Sylla told that he was driving towards the city, “when all of a sudden, a vehicle crossed and blocked his way. The occupants were clad in military and civilian clothes”. Aboubacar Sylla claims to have been arrested by the men “without a summon or warrant, contrary to the rule of law.”

He was then taken to the prosecutor’s office for questioning. According to him, he was asked questions about a state affair dating as far back as 1989. Aboubacar Sylla also said that he had been arrested on instruction of the Minister of Justice, Siba Lohalamou. Attempts at reaching Mr. Siba Lohalamou for his version of facts proved futile. It is unknown if this is the end of the affair. Released six hours after his arrest, Aboubacar Sylla says the arrest is in contradiction with the principles of the rule of law and a direct political intimidation.

Addressing the press during the launching ceremony of his new political party, Union des forces du changement (UFC), last week (27 July, 2009), Aboubacar Sylla strongly condemned the political silence in the country. He also stated that the political “priority should be an overhaul of the army” while denouning “the indiscipline that exists” within it. According to him, the junta, also known as the National Council for Democracy and Development (CNDD), should simply organise the country’s elections and leave.

Observers have said that Mr. Sylla’s declaration could attract hostilities from the military junta.

Guinea’s junta came to power, through a coup détat, six hours after the announcement of the death of the Late president Lasana Conté, on 23 December 2008. Led by Captain Lasana Camara, the junta (CNDD) had initially announced its intention to hold elections after a two-year rule, contradicting the country’s constitution, which calls for elections in less than 60 days following the death of the president.

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