South Sudan gov’t reveals a deliberate intention to block CPA implementation

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Government of South Sudan (GoSS) has appealed to the African Union Peace and Security Council (AUPSC) to compel the National Congress Party of Sudan (NCP) to pass the referendum law that has been deliberately blocked by the current legislator.

General Oyay Deng Ajak, Minister of Regional Cooperation of South Sudan has expressed his government’s dismay over the intentional refusal of the national government of Sudan to fully implement the Cooperative Peace Agreement (CPA) which ended the north south divide Sudanese war in 2005.

Speaking to the AU Security Council last week, the minister indicated that although the new United States administration has upped its efforts to bring lasting peace to the country, the political situation is not getting any better due to the NCP’s relutctance.

“NCP has shown its reluctance to allow the referendum law to be passed by the current legislator. This is a deliberate intention of the party to delay the referendum act”, the minister said.

The NCP is seeking to link the passing of a referendum act to a post referendum arrangement. Although the SPLM is not opposed to “discussions on post referendum arrangements”, they do not want the two to be linked, the Minister said.

US special envoy to Sudan, Jonathan Scott Gration did his level best to encourage the two sides to reach a consensus in August this year, but disagreements over three key issues — results of the 2008 5th population census, the referendum and post referendum arrangement– hampered the move.

The three unresolved issues are essential to a successful implementation of the CPA, the minister indicated. “The census result is vital to Government of South Sudan, however the national government of Sudan refused to announce it, despite its significance to the general election which is expected to be held in March 2010”, General Oyay Deng Ajak relayed his government’s dismay.

The minister also urged the Security Council to consider the existing situation while urging the AU to be committed in the implementation of the CPA agreement for a stable, democratic and peaceful Sudan.

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