Gabon: United opposition leaders put pressure on Constitutional Court

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The Gabonese opposition Thursday demanded the country’s Constitutional Court to annul the August 30 presidential election, alleging widespread irregularities. They also plan to take a group of electoral officials, who were in charge of some local polling stations during the elections, to court.

Unsuccessful presidential candidates in Gabon signalled, at a press conference which took place on Thursday, a rushed ballot box stuffing, an inflation of voters in some polling areas, and forged election reports during the central African country’s presidential elections.

Last week, a dozen of these candidates filed a suit at the highest court seeking the annulment of the poll results in, citing the same reasons. The Constitutional Court has 4 weeks to settle the electoral disputes. This suggests that the official announcement of the elected president of Gabon will be made no later than the first half of October.

The opposition has equally sent a warning to the members of highest court: “If the Constitutional Court confirms the electoral coup that we denounce, each member will assume his responsibility before history and before the Gabonese People (…),” Jean Eyéghé Ndong, spokesman for the group of unsuccessful presidential candidates, told RFI.

It is hoped that the Constitutional Court’s decision does not cause further strife in the country. It will be recalled that riots erupted in Libreville and Port Gentil early September, killing several people, following the announcement of the presidential election results. According to the government only three people died, but the opposition has insisted that over 15 died during the protests.

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