Zimbabwean plunges to death to save tourist at Victoria Falls

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A Zimbabwean tour guide in Victoria Falls is feared dead after he plunged into the gorges in an attempt to rescue a tourist.

The man whose identity has not yet been revealed lost his footing at the slippery rainforest’s Devils Pool.

Police at the resort town say the man was employed by a South African safari company known as Sunway Safaris.

He had taken a party of tourists to the Devil’s Pool, close to the main falls. According to the police the guide lost his balance and fell as he tried rescuing one of the tourists who had slipped.

“He came here (Livingstone) with tourists from South Africa and took them to the Devils Pool, a death trap which is very close to the edge of the main falls which is 90 meters deep” said Chief Inspector Chisori.

On getting out of the pool, one of the tourists slipped and was about to fall into the gorge. “But the tour guide quickly grabbed the tourist’s hand and successfully pulled him back into the pool but in the process lost his balance and fell 90 meters down,” said Chief Inspector Chisori.

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Though an emergency alarm was raised on time, the search party had by Sunday evening not yet found the body and chances of survival are slim.

At least one person dies each year at the Devil’s Pool.

Victoria Falls, considered among the Seven Wonders of the World, is one of the prime resort areas in the world and wildlife adds the excitement associated with the tourist experience.

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