Author Naija Launches New Book SPANISH FLYY

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In SPANISH FLYY, Dr. Raquel Howard is back again and living the glamorous life, spending money she coldly inherited after the demise of her fiance who wouldn’t abide by her love. Kismet has landed her in the arms of a new love – Montez Santana and this time she is certain it’s the real deal as every inch of her unquenchable thirst is pacified. With secrets, wealth, and a hidden identity to kill for, Raquel prepares to do whatever it takes to maintain her status, never knowing from which source the betrayal will emerge. No longer haunted by her shadowy past – but she should be.

Her boyfriend, Santana – who has an undeniable history of family drama – is once again struggling to conceal his own dysfunction. With family secrets that would surely keep him single, he has to choose between protecting them or his girl. Raquel begins to learn all isn’t perfect in paradise when a simple reunion sparks a catastrophic chain of events, her drug-addicted twin sister comes to town, and the bonds which once held it all together, break. One can only imagine what incidents inspired this enchanting tale.

About the Author Naija

Naija is an author, entrepreneur and fresh voice in African American fiction. She is the author of BETWEEN MY THIGHS and SPANISH FLYY. Naija often spins explicit stories of lust and lies touching on subjects sometimes considered taboo. A Detroit native, Naija resides in New York City and has an extensive background in Communications & Psychology, both of which are injected into the fabric of her books. Naija is a novelist with a passion for erotica, drama, and mystery. Visit her website to learn more at

Prepare to be sprung in a seductive new novel by Naija. In, SPANISH FLYY (Brown Erotic Pub., November 2009, 0977623513, Hardcover $22.95), Naija thrills again in a dangerously entertaining and scandalous storyline. Pulsating with flavor, suspense and crazy sex appeal, SPANISH FLYY is a roller coaster ride waiting for readers to jump on and buckle up.

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