U.S. dollars and a world of proxy cocaine users!

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It simply beats my imagination as to how every single U.S. citizen has already handled cocaine or risks handling it in the very near future. At least that is what a cocaine alert in the United States suggests! It appears that nine banknotes in every ten circulating on the other side of the Atlantic carry traces of the… shhh (white powder).

What the researchers would have us believe is that, in fact, not only Americans have in one way or the other managed to touch that dreadful white substance (adjective depends on context or course), but a great many of those who use the mighty green note in other countries.

The team of American researchers who carried out this unexpected finding examined thousands of bank notes from 5 countries including, Brazil, Canada, China, the United States and Japan.

Those who have recently been to the States, would probably have traces of cocaine in their wallets or pockets, the researchers point out in all seriousness. Over 95% of the banknotes in circulation in Detroit, Baltimore, Boston or Washington DC are in fact “contaminated”.

But the mighty green U.S. dollar bill is not the only culprit. In Canada, cocaine was identified on 85% of the banknotes examined.

Does this mean that Church collection baskets in Detroit, Baltimore, Boston or Washington DC, would in this case, hoard more than just traces of the substance as those green notes are dropped into them day in day out? What about those who count those collections?

Does it not explain the attitude of some Bank tellers? And does it not make sense that all those big bank bosses want those fat bonuses? Little drops of water, they say, make a mighty ocean. So let’s imagine what the traces of cocaine would be on millions of bank notes! Ok, I am drifting now…

To prove the alarming level of involuntary cocaine “use” in north America, the researchers revealed that a similar research in China and Japan had shown that “only” 15% and 20% of banknotes respectively carry traces of the drug.

As it is in most cases, there are no statistics for Africa. Church collection counters and those very nice bank tellers (thank you very much) from all continents have the right to know how much cocaine they are consuming, with the exception of Africa!

The last time I heard, West Africa was fast becoming a cocaine hub with Guinea at the helm. And what about Nigeria? Our beloved West African “Vice Pride”. Why is it that Mexico gets a preferential treatment from those researchers? As though the swine flu isn’t enough. Zimbabwe, it should be noted, discarded its own dollar for the U.S. dollar. So what are the statistics there? Silence. I firmly protest!

Answering as to whether or not this phenomenon holds any health risks to people who have tainted (again, it depends on context) banknotes in their possession, destination santé (a French based health organisation) says “absolutely not”. “The amounts found are miniscule”.

Makes you wonder what else we touch everyday in “miniscule amounts” and what the consequenses are… Only time will tell!

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