Sudan: Too late to impose unity says Foreign Minister

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The Minister for Foreign affairs in the Sudanese government of national unity, Deng Alor, has blamed the ruling party, the national congress party, for not making unity an attractive choice for the people of southern Sudan.

While speaking at the closing of a confrence on peace in Khartoum, Alor said that the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, which was signed between Sudanese government and Sudan Peoples Liberation Movement in 2004 to end over twenty years civil war, has been well implemented in the south.

Alor said, “All of us know that the wars that are being called today tribal fights and tribal wars in the South are wars that are being fought by proxy from the centre here. Why do you do these to your people, to people that you want them to remain as part of this country?

You can’t impose unity any longer, it is too late. How do you think that these people can vote for unity while you are making separation attractive to the people of the South?”

Alor also said that Sharia laws and the idea of an Islamic state by what he calls previous “Khartoum regimes” have contributed in forcing southerners to opt for an independent state.

He said, “If we are very serious about an Islamic state, we should not be talking about unity because they can’t go together. The Sudanese Islamic movements are doing great harm to this country because this country is disintegrating.

Yes, we have historical differences but the inclusion of Islamic agenda, the Islamic Sharia law, has destroyed the last hope in many people for remaining in this country as a united Sudan. So, let us make it a peaceful divorce, because if you go to the South now some will tell you that they made up their minds twenty or thirty years ago.”

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