Wen Jiabao Meets with Egyptian President Mubarak

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Flag of Egypt
Flag of Egypt

On November 7, 2009, visiting Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao met with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in Cairo. Wen said President Mubarak is a well-known statesman in the Arab world and Africa, as well as a familiar old friend of Chinese people and he has forged profound friendship with generations of Chinese leadership. Wen appreciated the outstanding contributions President Mubarak has made to promoting China-Egypt, as well as China-Arab and China-Africa relations. “I feel at home when I am in Egypt,” said Wen.

Egypt was the first Arabic and African country to establish diplomatic relations and relations of strategic cooperation with China and the China-Egypt relationship occupied an important position in China’s foreign relations, Wen said. In recent years, the bilateral strategic cooperation has been increasingly enriched, and has produced mutually beneficial achievements, he said. The two countries have closely cooperated on major international and global issues, and have effectively safeguarded common interests. China thanks for the consistent support from Egypt on major issues involving China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. China-Egypt relationship can serve as a role model for China-Arab and China-Africa relations and South-South cooperation.

Wen emphasized that China and Egypt, both ancient civilizations and large developing countries, share the same views and propositions on safeguarding state sovereignty, developing economy, promoting dialogue among civilizations and pushing forward democracy of international relations. Against the background that the current international situation is undergoing enormous development, changes and readjustment, developing China-Egypt friendly cooperative relations serves the fundamental interest of both countries and is conducive to enhancing China-Arab, China-Africa relations as well as the overall unity and cooperation among all developing countries. It also helps to boost world and regional peace, stability and development. China is willing to work with Egypt to maintain high-profile exchanges, deepen cooperation in areas such as economy and trade, and strengthen communication and coordination on major issues, including the international financial crisis and climate change so as to push bilateral ties to a new level, the Chinese premier said.

On the Middle East issue, Wen said China supported a solution based on U.N. relevant resolutions, the “land for peace” principle and the Arab Peace Initiative. The Palestinian-Israeli conflict should be solved through dialogue and political negotiation, and the Middle East peace talks should be promoted, Wen said. Currently, opportunities and challenges coexist in the Middle East peace process and it is important to restart the Palestinian-Israeli peace talks as soon as possible, he said. China supports Egypt continuing to play an important role in the process, and supports Arab countries for their efforts in seeking comprehensive regional peace, and peaceful coexistence of Israel and Palestine and their people, Wen said.

Mubarak said he has maintained frequent exchanges with the Chinese leaders and thanked for the long-standing support China has given to the righteous cause of Arab people. The gate of Egypt is always open to China and there is no problem existing between the two countries. Mubarak said the friendly cooperative relationship between the two countries in all areas has been developing well. Egypt attaches importance to further enhancing cooperation with China. Egypt is well placed and willing to serve as an active bridge connecting China, Arab and African nations, he said.

Mubarak said although the Middle East issue is very complex, the efforts of Egypt to contribute to the Middle East peace and stability will not change. Egypt will as always play a positive mediating role on the Palestinian-Israeli issue to promote Palestinian internal reconciliation. Egypt will enhance contact with relevant parties to create conditions for the Middle East peace talks.

Source: China – Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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