Uganda: LRA rebel leader Joseph Kony’s relatives live in fear

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Relatives of LRA rebel leader Joseph Kony have said that they live in fear of people avenging the atrocities committed by Kony and his rebels.

Some of them said that they may not be present at the burial ceremony of Kony’s mother, Norah Oting today for fear of being beaten up by villagers.

Late Oting’s cousin currently living in Kampala, Annet Aketch said,” I will not go to attend the burrial of Oting. I have fears for the people in the village. They believe we are all responsible for their suffering caused by Kony and his rebels.”

Another relative, Martin Okidi, Kony’s paternal uncle, said that the rebel leader’s mother, Norah Oting, stayed away from her village in Odek, east of Gulu town, because she feared for her life.

Okidi said most people related to Joseph Kony left Odek in the 1980s for fear of being killed by villagers after Kony and his rebels attacked villages and killed civilians.

Despite being Joseph Kony’s home village, Odek was not spared from LRA attacks. On April 29th 2004 the LRA invaded Odek IDP camp and killed 24 camp residents. According to reports filed at the time, between 200 and 300 rebels attacked the camp at about 6:00 p.m. and overpowered the UPDF. About 140 people were abducted, 110 of whom returned later.

Some children reportedly drowned in the Odek stream while trying to hide from the rebels.

However, government has assured all Kony’s relatives adequate security so that they go and bury Kony’s mother. Area security boss, Nelson Okit said, ”We will provide them with security. With presence of police no one will attack them.”

Kony and his rebels fought Uganda government troops for over twenty years before he was overpowered after which he relocated to Democratic Republic of Congo in 2006 from where he is still killing civilians.

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