Rihanna: A Glamorous and Angry Diva

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Rihanna is not just an angry woman but also the most “Glamorous woman of the Year”, according to U.S. magazine Glamour. Glamour and Diva defined the now blond Pop/Rock R ‘n B icon Thursday in Paris, where she personally presented her new album, R Rated, to a group of very inquisitive journalists.

After arriving majestically late for her Paris press conference, Miss Rihanna refused to answer questions she thought were too personal, although her new album is a stark reminder of her personal experiences. On Friday the 13th, she hopped on the Eurostar bound for London ahead of the release of her album, set for November 23.

The Pop/Rock-R ‘n B singer’s busy week began on Monday when she received the Glamour Award in New York. Glamour magazine dubbed her “the most glamorous woman of the year.”

Accepting her award, Rihanna said, “First, thank you to Iman – it’s very incredible that you’re presenting me with an award. It was a real honor to be named Glamour’s Woman of the Year, especially because I think of myself as just becoming a woman. I just turned 21 this year.”

“She’s an indelible image of worldly pain and now, more than ever, I am more than impressed with her honesty and courage… She has taken her own scars and used them to create a new story of strength and awareness.” supermodel Iman said at the award night.

In February, Rihanna was brutally assaulted by her then boyfriend Chris Brown in Los Angeles on the eve of the Grammy Awards. In an interview broadcast on the 7th of November on ABC television, Rihanna spoke about the trauma of the assault. ABC also seized the opportunity to show her “Russian Roulette” video, one of the main songs on her R Rated album.

According to the AFP, “R Rated was recorded when she was in a ‘dark’ mood, and did a lot of ‘venting’ in the studio,” while, “some tracks allude to the doomed relationship” with Chris Brown, “especially the single Wait Your Turn.”

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