CAN Angola 2010: Egyptian Pharoahs maintain reputation as countdown begins

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The 27th edition of the African Cup of nations is scheduled to take place between the 10th and 30th of January 2010 in Angola. The final draws were conducted on Friday 20th November and sees hosts Angola joined by 15 nations who successfully advanced from the qualification process that began in october 2007 and involved 53 African national teams.

Ten of the 16 teams that qualified were also present at the Ghana 2008 African cup of nations joined by Algeria, Gabon, Burkinafaso, Mozambique, Togo, and Malawi.

Despite their undisputed last minute exit from the world 2010, the Egyptian Pharoahs have maintained their reputation on the continent while the other pioneers, Ethiopia and Sudan have deteriorated.

The defending African champions, the Egyptian Pharaohs, have reached the finals of this African football fiesta seven times since the 1957 finals in Khartoum, winning the African cup six times and losing only once to 1962 hosts, Ethiopia, in that same year.

With spirits high in all the camps and all teams ready for the derby, a lot of exiciting master pieces from some of Africa’s finest players are expected to dominate, and we should not be suprised for another Egypt-Algeria finale.

One thing is certain, though, that the Confederation of African Football (CAF) and the African Cup of nations (CAN) is still in existence, is due to the passion for the game on the African continent.

Group A

Group A Country Base
1 Angola Luanda
2 Mali Luanda
3 Algeria Luanda
4 Malawi Luanda

Group B

Group B Country Base
1 Ivory Coast Cabinda
2 Ghana Cabinda
3 Togo Cabinda
4 Burkina Faso Cabinda

Group C

Group C Country Base
1 Egypt Benguela
2 Nigeria Benguela
3 Benin Benguela
4 Mozambique Benguela

Group D

Group D Country Base
1 Cameroon Lubango
2 Tunisia Lubango
3 Zambia Lubango
4 Gabon Lubango
CAN 2010  It’s time to see who the contenders are: who’s going to win and who’s not, who’s going to upset a few teams… January 10-31, Angola is the place to be for football fans!
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