Movies: The Male Domination or The Time Traveler’s Wife?

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What film are you planning on seeing this weekend? You may be thinking of seeing either The Male Domination or The Time Traveler’s Wife.

Using one’s head or letting one’s emotions lead the way? Well, this is a dilemma many face here in Paris this week-end as they get ready to hit the cinemas this weekend.

The Male Domination

Chosing to undergo the ordeal of The Male Domination La Domination Masculine (Subtitled in English), a 1 hour 43 minute documentary by Patric Jean, is sure to propel viewers to the forefront of the film’s main line; how some men shamelessly dare compare feminism with Nazism!

The Time Traveller’s Wife

If you are opting for The Time Traveller’s Wife (English – Subtitles in French) you are advised to carry a couple of handkerchiefs along to help mop away floods of tears that will certainly flow unrelentingly from your lacrimal glands.

The Time Traveler’s Wife is a deliciously romantic drama about a Chicago librarian with a gene that causes him to involuntarily travel through time. This creates complications for his marriage and his greatest love, played by Rachel McAdams, who has no choice but to endure the temporal discontinuity.

Eric Bana ingenuously brings the leading character to life. He appears as naked as an earthworm in many scenes and will be loved by the not-so-holier-than-thou fans.


Henry DeTamble was born June 16th, 1963 with a genetic impairment that allows him to travel through time unwillingly. A well-educated man, Henry works as a librarian at the Newberry Library in Chicago, where he meets a beautiful young woman, Clare Abshire. He discovers Clare has met various older versions of himself since her childhood, fallen in love with him, and would one day become his wife. He is the son of Richard DeTamble who is a violinist for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Annette Lyn Robinson who was a famous Opera Singer. He died on January 1st, 2007 at the age of 43, and was survived by his wife Clare, and their daughter Alba.

International Release Dates for The Time Traveler’s Wife: Here

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