Miss Model of The World: A Franco-African wins the coveted title

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Last Thursday, 20 year old Emene Nyame was crowned Miss “Model of the World” She is one of the rare beauties to have won anything for France on the international scene. Born in France to a Cameroonian father and an Algerian mother, Emene Nyame’s crown is yet another proof that women of colour have to moe out of France to achieve the respect they so often seek (Read Noemie Lenoir’s story). Her participation in Miss France 2009 earned her a bottom place.

20 year old Emene Nyame was Thursday night crowned Miss “Model of the World” in Shenzen, China. What makes this crown exceptional is simply because of how seldom France has won any beauty titles on the international scene. In fact, only a few winners of the Miss France title could ever boast of having won anything at all.

Representing Flanders at the Miss France 2009 beauty pageant, her very early elimination had infuriated the owner and director of the Miss France brand, Miss Geneviève de Fontenay.

To prove her point, Geneviève de Fontenay specially selected Emene Nyame who had not even made it to the twelve-finalist stage of Miss France 2009 to represent France at the “Model of the World” competition, indicating that it is more “respectable” than the prestigious Miss Universe pageant.

Standing at 1m82, Emene Nyame’s vital statistics of 85-60-92 earned her, in addition to her crown, the “Best Figure” title.

Born to a Cameroonian father and an Algerian mother, Emene Nyame is studying communication at the Institut Universitaire de Technologie in Roubaix, near Lille, in the north of France.

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