Ugandans killed in Southern Sudan over Khartoum support

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Five Ugandan businessmen have been killed in violent clashes between Police and protestors in the Southern Sudanese town of Rumbek.

The protests started on Monday when supporters of the Sudanese People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) took to the streets to protest the arrest of three party officials in Khartoum.

Since then riots have been taking place in areas sorrounding the town.

Joachim Mukasa, chairman of Uganda traders in Rumbek town said, “Three of the Ugandan businessmen were shot dead in Rumbek market on Monday when riots broke out. The other two were killed in subsquent skirmishes.”

He said because of the tense situation in Rumbek, as a result of the riots, Ugandan businessmen are now planning to relocate to other parts of southern Sudan.

According to Mukasa, the reason behind the attack and harassment of Ugandan traders is because the southern Sudanese believe Ugandans support the Khartoum government.

In August and October this year, two Ugandan businessmen were killed in Juba and eastern Equatorial in protests started by businessmen.

Many Ugandan traders flocked to southern Sudan after peace returned in 2005 when the civil war between SPLM and Khartoum government came to an end.

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