Sudan: Parliamentarians call off SPLM boycott

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People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) and other South Sudan political parties have called off the boycot of not seating in the national assembly.

The secretary general of SPLM MPS in parliament, Thomas Wani Iga said that they resumed seating in National Assembly yesterday ending weeks of boycott.

According to Wani the decision “to return to parliament” was made “after the SPLM and the ruling party National Congress Party (NCP) reached an agreement on some of the outstanding issues in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, especially the controversial National Security Bill.”

Southern Sudan and Khartoum government in 2005 signed a Comprehensive Peace agreement (CPA) which ended over 20 years of civil war between the two parties.

Southern Sudan was granted a semi autonomous status.

In the agreement there are issues which were to be implemented over time. This included the holding of a referendum in southern Sudan to determine whether southern Sudan could become totally independent.

Thomas Wani Iga said the Assembly also agreed to the party’s proposals of replacing some members in parliament with new ones.

SPLM has been demanding the replacement of some members in parliament after prominent figures like Lam Akol and Ghazai Suleiman broke away.

Iga added that the SPLM parliamentary bloc was engaged in intense discussions with the NCP’s bloc to amend the draft of the disputed National Security bill.

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