Sudan makes Christmas promise

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The first Vice President of the Republic of Sudan, who is also the President of the Government of southern Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayardit, has assured the people of Sudan and the world at large that there will be no return to war in Sudan.

During his Christmass message in Juba Wednesday, Kiir said that through dialogue all the problems facing Sudan can be peacefully solved.

Kiir’s remarks came at time when some media houses were running stories saying that the relationship between semi-atonomous southern Sudan government and Khartoum government had detoriarated and war berween the two parties was imminent.

Kiir refuted the allegations about bad relationship. He said, “The national Congress party (the ruling party in Khartoum) and Sudan Peoples Liberation Movement are confident in overcoming the obstacles facing the Comprehensive Peace agreement. I want to assure the world that there will be no return to war in Sudan.”

Salva Kiir called for religious forgiveness and peaceful co-existence among citizens in Sudan. He said that there is need to forget the past and work for a prosperous future.

The comprensive peace agreement (CPA) was signed between Khartoum government and Sudan Peoples Movement (SPLM) in 2005. The two parties had fought for over twenty years. Since the signing of the CPA there has been relative peace in southern Sudan.

The agreement granted southern Sudan a semi-autonomous status with Salva Kiir as its first president.

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