Sudan presidential and general elections dates set

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Sudan’s National Electoral Commission (NEC) Sunday set a date on which all those who wish to stand in next year’s presidential and general elections in Sudan will be nominated.

The head of NEC’s records committee said in a statement issued Sunday: “The process will start on January 12th 2010. We have ensured that the standards set for the nomination of candidates conform with the country’s constitution.”

He said that they have also released the procedures for the nomination of candidates for president of the republic of Sudan, President of government of south Sudan, state governors, and members of parliament.

He advised all those intending to stand for the various positions to abide by the rules and conditions set by NEC. He said that whoever breaks any of the set rules will be disqualified.

Elections will be held in Sudan next year. It was one of the conditions in the Comprehensive peace agreement signed between Sudanese Peoples Movement and Khartoum government in 2005 after the two parties fighting for over 20 years.

The Comprehensive peace agreement also granted semi autonomous status to southern Sudan.

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