Angola 2010 African Cup of Nations match Calendar and Stadiums

Angola 2010 African Cup of Nations match Calendar featuring:

Group A: Angola, Mali, Malawi, Algeria
Group B: Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Togo
Group C: Egypt, Nigeria, Mozambique, Benin
Groupe D: Cameroon, Gabon, Zambia, Tunisia

The stadiums

Luanda: Estádio 11 de Novembro (50,000 seats)
Cabinda: Estádio National de Chiazi (20,000 seats)
Benguela: Estádio National de Ombaka (35,000 seats)
Lubango: Estádio National de Tundavala (20,000 seats)

The calendar

Country/GamesDate and timeGroup
Angola-MaliSun. Jan. 10, 20:00A
Malawi-AlgeriaMon. Jan. 11, 14:45A
Ivory Coast-Burkina FasoMon. Jan. 11, 17:00B
Ghana-TogoMon. Jan. 11, 19:30B
Egypt-Nigeria Tues. Jan. 12, 17:00C
Mozambique-BeninTues. Jan. 12, 19:30C
Cameroon-Gabon Wed. Jan. 13, 17:00D
Zambia-TunisiaWed. Jan. 13, 19:30D
Country/GamesDate and timeGroup
Mali-Algeria Thurs. Jan. 14, 17:00A
Angola-Malawi Thurs. Jan. 14, 19:30A
Burkina Faso-Ghana Fri. Jan. 15, 17:00B
Côte d’Ivoire-Togo Fri. Jan. 15, 19:30B
Nigeria-Benin Sat. Jan. 16, 17:00C
Egypt-MozambiqueSat. Jan. 16, 19:30C
Gabon-TunisiaSun. Jan. 17, 17:00D
Cameroon-ZambiaSun. Jan. 17, 19:30D
Country/GamesDate and timeGroup
Angola-Algeria Mon. Jan. 18, 17:00A
Mali-MalawiMon. Jan. 18, 19:30A
Burkina Faso-Ghana Tues. Jan. 19, 17:00B
Côte d’Ivoire-Togo Tues. Jan. 19, 19:30B
Egypt-BeninWed. Jan. 20, 17:00C
Nigeria-MozambiqueWed. Jan. 20, 19:30C
Gabon-ZambiaThur. Jan. 21, 17:00D
Cameroon-TunisiaThur. Jan. 21, 19:30D

Quarter Final

TeamDate and timeMatch
A1-B2Sun. Jan. 24, 17:00Quarter Final
A2-B1Sun. Jan. 24, 20:30Quarter Final
C1-D2Mon. Jan. 25, 17:00Quarter Final
C2-D1Mon. Jan. 25, 20:30Quarter Final

Semi Final - 3rd Place - Final

MatchDate and time
Semi FinalThur. Jan. 28, 17:00
Semi FinalThur. Jan. 28, 20:30
Third PlaceSat. Jan. 30, 17:00
Final GameSun. Jan. 31, 17:00

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