Angola: International Office of Migration Provides Support to Vulnerable Returnee Communities in Angola

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Angola: International Office of Migration Provides Support to Vulnerable Returnee Communities in Angola

With new funding of 900,000 Euros from the Spanish International Cooperation Agency (AECID by its Spanish acronym), IOM Angola will provide immediate assistance to improve food security and nutritional standards to vulnerable communities impacted by large numbers of returnees and natural disasters.

The project will provide assistance to some 1,015 families (some 8120 persons) suffering from food insecurity in communities in Huambo province, through the re-establishment of livelihoods, the provision of agricultural technical support, employment and income-generation opportunities, rehabilitation of water pumps and irrigation infrastructure, as well as to mitigate conflicts and competition for limited resources between returnees and local populations.

The main beneficiaries of the project will be the most vulnerable persons living in the municipalities of Mungo, Ekunha, Caala and Bailundo, in Huambo province, including returning refugees, ex-combatants and members of host communities.

“One of the main goals of the project is to stabilize rural-urban migration outflows. Many people move to urban areas in search of work and food, but in fact most of the times they are worse off,” explains Katharina Schnöring, IOM Chief of Mission in Angola.

“The project was discussed and was well received by the beneficiaries who showed a great interest in the adoption of innovative cultivation, irrigation and processing techniques,” adds Schnöring.

This segment of the population has limited access to arable land and has reported small crop yields. The new IOM project will provide technical support to improve their farming techniques, and will create community-based seed banks in each participating village.

This is the fourth IOM project in Angola funded by AEICD. IOM Angola is also implementing two other projects under the Spanish MDG-Fund project.

Source: International Office of Migration (IOM)

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