Zimbabwe-Madagascar: Mugabe pushing proposal to overthrow Andry Rajoelina militarily?

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Zimbabwe leader, President Mugabe, is reportedly pushing for his military intervention in Madagascar to topple its president – Andry Rajoelina.

He is expected to further present his controversial proposal at the
Southern African Development Community (SADC) meeting in Maputo, Mozambique, today.

Mugabe’s spokesperson was not at liberty to discuss the issues when contacted. “The agenda of the summit is clear, Zimbabwe and Madagascar, so it would be wise for people to wait for the outcome. Mugabe has been
linked to many issues but every time he has proven people wrong,” he

Mugabe is official on his annual vacation but flew to Maputo last night for today’s meeting.

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai stayed behind. His spokesperson said the premier is on leave and not aware of the meeting. “The prime minister is currently on leave, and he is not going to the summit. We are not aware of it,” James Maridadi said.

Mugabe first made the call last June moments after he took over the chairmanship COMESA. A final communiqué issued at the end of the summit indicated that the bloc was considering a military invasion in the tiny island.

“Leaders expressed deep concern for the suffering of the people of
Madagascar and called for an urgent solution to prevent the adverse
social and economic implication particularly for the ordinary people
of the extended uncertainty.

“… take a lead in their efforts to restore constitutional order in Madagascar by examining all options including the possibility of a military intervention,” read the communiqué.

Mugabe a war monger?

Observers claim that the 85-year-old Mugabe has a history of instigating wars in other countries.

When he was the chairman of the SADC organ on defence, he sent troops
to Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), a war that triggered
excessive Government expenditure and was one of the major causes of
Zimbabwe’s current economic meltdown. The war led to condemnation, as many Zimbabwean soldiers were killed while Zimbabwe received little benefit from it.

Mugabe also sent troops to Mozambique to fight the then Renamo that
was led by Alfonso Dhlakama during the 1990s

Political analyst Chris Mawere in Harare said Mugabe’s move- if confirmed would be a disastrous one. “It would be a complete shock if the SADC meeting consider and endorse Mugabe’s plan. It’s a disastrous one. His own country is in a similar situation with that of Madagascar, will he accept a military intervention in Zimbabwe?” Asked Mawere.

Southern African leaders in 2009 suspended Madagascar from the SADC
regional grouping and called for Rajoelina to step down. They vowed not recognise the 35 year old disc jockey, who took power in a move that was condemned as a coup by the international community.

The Maputo summit scheduled for 3pm will take place following the swearing-in of Mozambican President Armando Guebuza to his second term
in office. The swearing-in ceremony follows the validation of the results of the October 28, 2009 presidential and legislative elections by the Mozambican Constitutional Court.

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