Uganda: DRC, Kenya, Somalia experience eclipse of the sun

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Ugandans were today treated to a morning show of the eclipse of the sun by the moon.

Hundreds of people looked at the sky for most of the one hour in which the eclipse occurred.

The eclipse, which looked like a ring of fire around a circular dark moon that had covered the sun, started at around 7.00 am and ended a few minutes past 8.00 am.

According to an expert at Uganda’s environment ministry, Lambert Tutumu, the National Aeronautic and Space Adminstration, NASA, based in the United States, had already forecast the eclipse that took place today.

”NASA had predicted that the an annular eclipse of the sun would take place in Uganda today and some other countries in Africa including Democratic republic of Congo, Uganda Kenya and Somalia,” Tutumu said.

He also said that after leaving Africa it will cross the Indian Ocean, Bangladesh, India, Burma and China will also experience the eclipse.”

This type of rare eclipse occurs when the Moon moves in line with and between the Sun and Earth producing a shadow on the Earth’s surface.

The smaller size of the moon’s shadow over the sun produced the rays, or ring of fire, around the darkened sun.

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