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Zimbabwe: Cabinet ministers under corruption charges
MDC ministers accused of conniving with Zanu-PF counterparts for self-enrichment
Four cabinet ministers in Zimbabwe’s inclusive government are under probe from their respective parties, MDC and Zanu Pf, on corruption allegations.

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC has set up a 13 member probe team into various corruption charges, including flouting of government tender procedures, seeking bribes for tender awards and conniving with their Zanu PF counterparts for self-enrichment.

Energy and Power Development minister Elias Mudzuri, co-Home Affairs minister Giles Mutsekwa, and Mines deputy minister Murisi Zwizwai are the three ministers being probed by the MDC.

Mines minister, Obert Mpofu of Zanu PF is also being probed on shady diamond deals.

MDC sources say the party has come up with a code of conduct which is soon to be taken to the national executive committee and then national council for approval.

The code will require ministers, legislators and councilors to declare their interests and assets in line with modern trends to ensure that there is accountability and transparency.

MDC-T spokesperson, Nelson Chamisa, said that anyone found to be corrupt would face automatic dismissal from the party. “We are a party of excellence. Transparency, accountability and good governance are part of our fabric,” he said.

“We expect these from our Prime Minister, from our ministers and from, most importantly, our councils. If anyone negates these principles, then we will be destroying the very fabric of the MDC. We should be the opposite of Zanu PF.”

Mudzuri is accused of taking bribes from several private petroleum companies, prejudicing ordinary Zimbabweans.

Zwizwai is being accused of seeking bribes for diamond and other minerals tender awards and conniving with Zanu PF officials to flout tender procedures.

The accusations seem to be emanating from the way Mbada Diamonds was allowed to mine Chiadzwa diamonds without going to tender.

Mutsekwa is being probed for allegedly taking bribes.

But some MDC functionaries say the probe is a stage-managed inquiry by individuals on the national executive who want to get rid of certain persons, whom they perceive as threats to the succession issue in the party.

“The three individuals are perceived to be close to the Prime Minister,” the official claimed. 2010 is the year of politics — it will lay the foundation for the 2011 congress” she said.

MDC would next year hold an elective congress.

Mudzuri say he’s not scared of any investigation saying “… am not afraid of anything — I have nothing to fear. I believe I have been straightforward and those claiming to have evidence must come out.”

Mines minister Mpofu is linked to looting of diamonds at the controversial Chiadwza Diamonds field.


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