Police warned not to collect taxes in South Sudan

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The government of southern Sudan has streamlined tax collection. It has
also instructed tax payers to register their businesses with the directorate
of taxation with effect from 1st Febuary 2010.

It has instructed police and unauthorized people to immediately stop
collecting taxes from business communities and individuals.

The government’s directive comes after complaints from members of the business community and civilians about security officers and some individuals who illegaly collect money from them for personal use instead of taking it to national coffers.

The director General for Taxation in Southern Sudan, Ayom Mach Jok, issued a public warning against dealing with illegal tax collectors in the region.

“I want to tell tax payers that the government has come up with a new law which gives responsibity to collect taxes to the directorate of taxation. Tax payers should only pay the taxes to directorate of taxation officials who produce identity cards to those from whom they collect taxes. The police officers and other people who have been illegally collecting taxes must stop immediately,” Mach Jok said.

Jok urged businessmen to always ask for the identification of anybody claiming to be a tax collector before making any payments. He also noted that according to the 2009 Taxation Law only authorized officials from the Directorate of Taxation are allowed to collect taxes.

According to him, in order to improve on taxation system and records payers, all tax payers must register their businesses with the directorate of taxations with effect from February this year.

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