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Uganda: Gays demand parliamentary representation
Uganda’s minister of ethics and integrity, Nsaba Buturo has said that gays can not be represented in parliament as some of them are reportedly demanding.

Addressing the press in Kampala, Buturo said that it would be absurd if the gays are accepted to be represented in parliament.

"It would be unbelievable if gays are represented in Uganda’s parliament. That will mean that even groups of people involved in other activities like robbers and sex workers will also request to be represented in parliament," Nsaba Buturo said.

Bututro said that Ugandans can not accept annal sex because it is against the culture of Ugandans. "You go and ask most Ugandans about legalizing gays. They can not accept because it is against out culture," he said while arguing hat no member of parliament will oppose the anti- gay bill when it will be brought in parliament for debate.

He warned gays against boasting that they havescared the government of Uganda out of debating and passing the anti-gay bill because of international criticism especially about its harshness.

Nsaba Buturo said that when Museveni told cabinet and MPs to be careful about the anti-gay bill, some gays misconstrued it to mean that he he was instructing that the bill be withdrawn. "It is not true" he said.

Buturo however said that Museveni was against the death penalty which Buturo also said he did not back.

Simon Wundoli, a gay Ugandan, has said that gay people have a right, as Ugandans, to enjoy all benefits enjoyed by most Ugandans. "If homosexuality has been accepted in developed countries, why are underdeveloped countries like Uganda opposing it?" Simon Wundoli asks.

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