Southern Sudan-Uganda: First trade show opens in juba

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The first ever trade show exhibition involving traders, businessmen and
industrialists from Uganda and southren Sudan is to be held starting on
Wednseday in the southern Sudan capital of Juba.

The two day trade show, according to south Sudan trade ministry official, Albert Lukudu, is an outcome of improved trade ties between the two countries and better business infrastructure in southern Sudan.

The pilot exhibition is for businessmen from both countries to link up and resolve business challenges.

Addressing the press in Juba, the Acting Consul General of Uganda, Habib
Migadde said, “This is the first time a joint exhibition involving businessmen from Uganda and southern Sudan is taking place. That is good for the two countries. It is an ideal way for business professionals to discuss and find solutions in business registration and taxation issues.”

Migadde added that the exhibition is a way to deal with price fluctuations and to cut out the middle man. A new memorandum of understanding is expected to be signed by the two governments to further eliminate trade and non-tariff barriers.

When peace returned southern Sudan in 2005 after Khartuom government
and SPLA had fought for over twenty years, thousands of traders from Uganda, Kenya and Democratic Republic of Congo rushed into southern Sudan to get involved in business activities.

Up to now most of the food and items consumed in southern Sudan are imported from neighboring countries.

Meanwhile, the South Sudan Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry,
Benjamin Marial has commended the Ugandan government’s efforts in promoting southern Sudan’s business sector. He said that southern Sudan’s trade sector should be developed and can be improved.

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