Proof of Jesus’ Black Heritage Comes From Surprising Source, Two Black Mormons

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Since at least the 19th century, the race of Jesus has been a subject of great debate. Many societies have chosen to depict Jesus as well as most other biblical figures as their own ethnicity in their paintings and renderings; for example, He is primarily portrayed as Caucasian in the West, while in the homes of many African Americans you’ll find portraits of Black Jesus.

Discoveries of historical clues by biblical scholars get us even closer to the likely face of Jesus. Some of the more compelling clues are images from a Jewish synagogue in Syria that were painted in the third century, less than 200 years after the death of Jesus. They are the earliest pictures of Jewish people in the world, and they provide an insight into Jewish grooming styles of beard and hair. They’re consistently depicted with short curly hair, afro-like in style, with short cropped beards. So it’s more likely that Jesus would have had short curly hair like those uniformly depicted in these earliest known paintings.

To the amazement of Biblical scholars, two Black members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, often called Mormons, have discovered what so many have been seeking for centuries. The LDS pair recently launched a groundbreaking DVD series that answers the questions many have been asking in regards to their religion’s teachings on race, that have to this point gone unanswered. The real prize and surprise in this effort has been the uncovering of the many Blacks in the family line of Jesus Christ stretching from the Old Testament to the New Testament. This is truly remarkable. For the first time, you can trace with incredible detail, utilizing scripture, maps and artifacts, from the Old Testament to the New Testament, the family tree from which Jesus Christ came. “Put away the ‘wooly hair’ argument; we now have real proof and can literally see the African heritage in the Savior,” says co-author Marvin Perkins. There is very little to support that Jesus was Caucasian other than the assumption that He was. However, the proof that Christ had African ancestry is carefully detailed in this phenomenal new series.

The Blacks in the Scriptures DVD series, a 2-disc set, by Darius Gray and Marvin Perkins, is lifting the self-image of people of color around the world, as the altered history is replaced by the original and actual history. This powerful new series will walk you through the Bible, showing you exactly how to identify many of the Black heroes therein. Then using the Bible and the Latter-day Saints’ own sacred writings, they debunk the myths of skin color, curses, inequality and rights to the Priesthood with the Lord’s consistent teachings throughout all scripture. Scholars and theologians worldwide are praising the doctrinal and scholarly detail of this great work. Get the series today by going to . The cost is just $24.95 plus shipping and handling.

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Source: Blacks in the Scriptures

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